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Pajamas or Co-ords - Both are equally good!

by Bharti Negandhi 27 May 2024

Our 100% printed cotton sets are not just a part of your sleepwear but a part of daily wear wardrobe. This is what we call Fashion with Comfort. These sets allow you to jump straight from bed into your car for your school runs or just casual coffee mornings.

Our pajama/coord sets are far from the contemporary basic prints. We have introduced a range of playful, fun and colorful prints to brighten up your days and nights. Not just prints but a number of styles are being offered to adapt to your personality; traditional shirt jammies with full length PJ or shorts. Also, introducing our Kaftan collection sets with both short and long PJ.

A wise woman once said “Always wear your pretty pajamas to bed. You never know who you will meet in your dreams”. Keeping the same in mind, introducing Kyshmysh; a range of styles to suit individual personalities without any compromise on comfort.

Our sets are made of pure 100% cotton with no mix in blends. There are a number of known advantages to wear cotton over other synthetic fabrics. We present 100% cotton styles with absolutely no compromise on comfort; here goes known advantages of wearing cotton:

Sweat it out – NOT

Our luxury kaftan pajamas cater to all ages. Whether undergoing puberty or menopause, these assist with keeping cool and ensuring night sweats are a thing of the past.  Creating a luxurious bedtime routine, these stylish pieces can be personally worn and also be gifted to your loved ones. Gone are the days when one had to wear mismatched cotton pajama and t-shirts for comfort or to combat with night sweats; now available kaftan pajamas for stylish sleepwear.

Silk vs Cotton Kaftan Pajamas

 It’s a known fact that silk is one of the most pristine and luxurious fabric; however, it’s not a fabric that’s associated with comfort. One of the main reasons why one buys silk pajama sets is cos of the styles offered in the market. There are a number of reasons why silk is not the most ideal fabric for nightwear; in addition to being heaty and static, it also wrinkles easily. Its maintenance also requires major effort having to either dry clean or hand wash it with the gentlest of detergent. It is also known to shrink easily in the wash. Sun damage is another concern hence, not a practical fabric at all for the Asian continent. Moreover, it stains easily and once stained, it is extremely difficult to get these stains out. We have taken all that into consideration and introduced the same in 100% durable cotton.

 A reason why people don’t typically prefer buying cotton is as they believe that it fades once washed; this too has been attended to and catered by our brand by ensuring that the thread count is such to ensure longevity and keep the colours intact. Offered in all sizes, colour and print preferences, these suits are not just functional but also playful and vibrant.

Additionally, cotton is not just cool and comfortable but also hypoallergenic. Cotton is made without any use of harmful chemicals which can frequently trigger allergies. Cotton is a natural textile, so in addition to being more ethically produced than synthetic fibers, they are more resistant to saliva and sweat. Great for use by someone with sensitive skin or going through hormonal transitions.

 Kaftans – Style it up

Keeping in with the trends, we now have Kaftan pajamas for stylish sleepwear. Perfect for gifting as these come in one size fits all. Additionally, they can also be worn as a top over a pair of trousers or jeans instantly converting a stylish nightwear into a fashion statement. Pair it with fusion earrings and a few accessories and one is ready for a lunch date or a girl’s time out. Available in quirky and regular prints, these are perfect for beating the Dubai heat along with keeping up with Dubai fashionable culture.

Wash and Wear

Our sets are not just ultra - modern but also easy to maintain. All our sets are machine washable keeping in line with our mantra “Sleep, wear, wash and repeat”. Guaranteed to keep the colours intact and as vibrant as worn the first time.  In addition to the pajamas, we also offer kimonos and vibrant summer dresses. Check our website for all products offered.


 What makes Kaftan pajamas a luxurious choice for sleepwear?

Kaftans is possibly the only current modest trend keeping fashion in mind. Its versatility also allows one to mix match with other piece of clothing creating one’s own individual style. Modest now does not have to be unfashionable like the old days; fashion now can be along the lines of conservative and still allow one to express their fashion sense. These suits are apt for family get together or vacations as they are multi-functional and also respectful at the same time.

Can Kaftans be worn as loungewear or going out?

Kaftans are great for sleepwear as we all have come across situations where they have been random visits by guests or friends during the wee hours. Great for late night surprise birthday or anniversary visits by friends and family where one does not have to be concerned about changing to look presentable. With these sets its always pajama or kaftan time ensuring you are photo ready.

 How are they sized? 

The great part about Kaftans is that they can be adjusted by a simple pull of a drawstring to suit all shapes or sizes. These can be made loose or tight as per your mood and comfort preference for the day. It is the ideal sleep or lounge wear for those bloating days or festive time when we all feel like we have binged and look for comfortable clothing.

 All our clothing is designed to be cool and comfortable with keeping fashion in mind. Casual wear does not have to be sloppy. Summer time is the best time of the year to experiment with different looks. You are free to put on something with lots of flow like a bright cotton dress or wear colourful pajamas or kaftans which add flair to your personality.

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